School Visits & Workshops

"Where the Story Begins" is an interactive presentation of story, song, and wordplay. Lynda Gene shares how her own stories come from a brew of ancient tales, animal friends, tribal arts, and a wild imaginatoion. From a real life family story of her grandparents on their mule barge on the Delaware Canal, to cats on the moon and the wind caught in baskets, Lynda Gene demonstrates that people are made of stories just as necklaces are made of beads.

I love to talk with students and adults, not just about my books, but about where ideas come from, how to make them grow, finding the right words, and how to take good care of your imagination.

My school visit is best for grades K - 4 and includes 3 programs lasting 40 - 50 minutes long, depending on age. I love to answer questions at the end of the presentation, and what works well is when the children have developed their questions with some assistance and written them on index cards for me. Books should be ordered and ready to sign for the visit at a quiet place & time where I can greet each child and ensure correct spelling of their name. Please provide a light, healthy lunch, perhaps with the company of the librarian and interested teachers, however I would love to try a "future author's lunch" with some students who are particularly interested in writing!

My fee for a full day is $500 and should be presented at the end of the day. A contract is required and I can provide one if need be. For long distances, there will be additional charges for travel, and lodging/meals if necessary.

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Lynda Gene Rymond
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Scenes from a marvelous day spent at Governor Wolf Elementary School in Bethlehem, Pa. Principal Jodi Sponchiado ROCKS!