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Oscar and the Mooncats
Lynda Gene's second picture book

Oscar and the Mooncats
by Lynda Gene Rymond
illus. by Nicoletta Ceccoli
Released on October 22 by Houghton Mifflin Company
For more information visit the new Oscar and the Mooncats page!

Oscar loved his boy.

He also loved stinky cat food for breakfast and crunchy cat food for dinner.

He loved his catnip mouse and his red pillow by the window. Maybe more than anything else, though, he loved to jump up on top of things and watch . . . everything.

Reviews for Oscar and the Mooncats

"In this sweet picture book, an adventurous cat refuses to give up on going home when he strays too far. Little children will admire his courage and children and their grownups alike will admire the wonderfully creative multimedia artwork that Nicoletta Ceccoli has created to accompany the text. Using plasticine, collage, acrylics, and computer graphics, CeccoliÕs artwork has the depth and atmosphere which perfectly captures the magical moonlit scenes in the story." from

"This very sweet tale about the love between a pet and his owner is also about the meaning of home. The illustrations by Ceccoli are stunning; they are warm and soft and have a dreamlike quality. I would buy any book featuring CeccoliÕs mesmerizing drawings." from

"Ceccoli incorporates...collage elements...into elaborately worked digital starscapes that have a convincingly 3-D look." from
Kirkus Reviews (10/01/2007)

"[T]he appealing illustrations are in a league of their own...sure to draw children into [this] out-of-this world adventure." from Booklist, ALA (10/15/2007)

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